Fencing Contractor in Greater Houston, TX

Whether you're looking for more privacy or want to make your property safer, Zavala Gate Service is here to help. As an established fencing contractor in Greater Houston, TX, we have the tools and experience to construct a fence that meets your functional and aesthetic needs, all the while adhering to area zoning laws and requirements.

Everyone's heard the common saying that fences make great neighbors. A fence does so much more than create boundary lines and outline a home's property. Fences provide us with containment that protects our children and pets, privacy that extends our indoors outward and architectural beauty. Fencing makes a great backdrop for landscaped properties. Add to this the fact that fencing can give you a substantial return on your investment and contacting your local Houston fence company seems like a great idea. To add good value all around, install a fence.

Another important purpose of a fence is often overlooked. Never fail to fence swimming pools when children live in the vicinity. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission 85% of children who drown do so in a friend's or family pool. For children below the age of five in the U.S., drowning happens to be the second leading cause of accidental death. It is up to you as a parent or neighbor to comply with safety regulations concerning home swimming pools. A fence provides protection for your family and your neighbors. When planning for a pool, don't forget to have a word with your local Houston fence company about installing a fence that will give you the necessary safety required while also enhancing your property.

A Fence for Every Budget

No matter the size of your property or scope of your Greater Houston, TX project, Zavala Gate Service can create a fencing solution that works for you. Our fencing contractors are licensed and insured, and we're pleased to offer every customer:

  • Affordable fencing project rates
  • Access to our experienced crew
  • A wide variety of fencing materials, styles, and options

Interestingly, fencing can be erected from a wide range of materials like wood, chain link, vinyl and aluminum. Each of these materials has its own benefits and can serve different purposes depending on your needs. A good example would be wood, vinyl and iron, as they are aptly suited to serve decorative purposes and will go well with most home designs. Wood panels or stockade type fences make for a great choice if you're looking for privacy and security for your children or pets. The Houston fence company can supply panels or stockade in heights from 4 to 6 feet tall and the fencing can be stained or painted to compliment your landscape.

Despite similar benefits, most people consider chain link fencing to be less attractive than wood. While increasing your security, chain link fences provide additional security, just like wooden fencing, and can also keep children and pets in or out, depending on your specific needs. The chain link fence is available with a vinyl coating and special slats woven into the links if you're seeking a fence that is both secure and attractive. If you want added privacy, this is an ideal option. A well-informed Houston fence company will be able to cover all the available options in chain link fencing and will assist you in finalizing the right one.

Vinyl fencing is a fairly new product. While it is available in many styles similar to wood fencing like picket, rail and panel, it has an added advantage of being repair free. Vinyl fences come in a range of colors that will match every home, and unlike wood, they will never rot, fade or warp and will need to be painted. Vinyl fencing is the perfect choice if you're looking for increased privacy, appealing looks, and low maintenance. Get in touch with your Houston fence company to choose from a wide range of styles and colors that will match your preference and your h

The perfect choice for an informal country look to your home is the post and rail, split rail or lap rail. Despite being comparable in design, the main difference is in the fashion of the rails or the way the rails are fastened to the posts. Rail fences are normally made up of two or three rails. Attaching an extra wire fence to the rail fence is a good way to keep children and pets in. While this type of fence is a desirable addition a ranch home's low profile, a split level makes it look great as well.

Grant yourself the gift of privacy, or make a bold visual statement.

When compared to larger construction or renovation projects, installing a fence will be much simpler and quicker. Since there are hardly ever any unforeseen hurdles that will delay or add to a fence installation's cost, a Houston fence company will be able to complete most projects in a day. Adding fencing to your home is a remodeling project that won't disrupt your daily life and yet you'll add significant beauty to the exterior of your home.

You won't find a better neighbor than the one you share a fence with. In all probability they'll benefit from the fence as much as you do, using it as a set in their own landscaping for their homes. Adding fence to your home's property is about much more than keeping someone or something in or out. An extension of your home is your fence. While enhancing your landscaping and adding value to your home, they also help extend your living space and provide safety for children and pets. Talk with a qualified Houston fence company today to learn how fencing can add beauty and security to your home.

It's all possible with a new fence from Zavala Gate Service. To speak with a fencing contractor from our team or to schedule an on-site estimate, call us today.